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"She believed she could so she did."


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If you have desire for mentoring and making a difference with young girls, please consider volunteering with Treasured GEM, Inc. In turn, you will find that spending time with these young girls has a positive impact on you as well.

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Curriculum Topics
  • Vision board – I see my future self

  • Goal setting – I see my purpose

  • Hygiene – I see the importance of self-care

  • Etiquette – I see the need for good manners

  • Financing – I see my wealth

  • Social media – I see when to NOT reply

  • Self-image – I see my true self

  • Bullying – I see it, I stop it!

“I see” affirmation:

What do I see…

I see a unique, strong, and beautiful young lady

I see love and my purpose

I see my worth and value

I see my abundance of talent

I see a director of my story

I see a girl embracing magnificence

I see a treasured gem